With an intelligent way of looking at challenges, combined with perseverance and a positive energy, Kirsten helps you find the words and actions to be outstanding!

Regardless of what is holding you or your business back from success, she will help you take the steps toward your vision.

 Anything is possible when you work with Kirsten, and more importantly she will ask the questions that help you decide what you want to spend your time doing.


“An innovative, outstanding leader who has pioneered industries and given business owners the ability to achieve huge feats. She has been a big ray of sunshine to work with.” 
-Mercedes Rose, Actor

Has Covid-19 affected your business?

The sales and promotions of our ReVibe® Chairs was stopped due to Covid-19. While using trade shows to educate, promote, and sell products sounded like a sure-found way to succeed, Covid-19 changed all that. The owner was frustrated until we had conversations and created new sales and online marketing strategies. Now there is more possibility for growth than ever! 

Wholesale Marketing Made Easier

We needed a creative way to promote our wholesale tea products to businesses. Kirsten developed a unique brochure in the design that allows us to put in a sample, while also communicating all the key information that our customers need to know. We really love making them and handing them out because they are so memorable! – Susie, Cup of Tea

Summit Design Increased Email List

A summit, website, or marketing campaign is only as good as its design and copy that engages in a way with people so that they take action. That is what makes our work different than just your average designer or marketing person. We communicate in ways that you build email lists, get feedback, and increase connections/sales.

Find Peace

It’s common to feel overwhelmed right now! There are so many ways you have to shift your business.

Thrive More

By looking at your challenges in creative ways, you can thrive more and communicate more effectively.

Advance Connections

 Kirsten can help you connect with people you already know, and help them refer others to you. 

Want to feel more confident?

Kirsten Klug is up for almost any marketing, connections, or communication challenge. Click below to move forward on a life with more time to do what you love! 

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