To predict the future, one must create it. The quote above is how Kirsten Klug has lived and lives her life, both professionally and personally. Kirsten navigates challenges and trauma by having a positive, proactive mindset that leads to opportunities. She predicts her future by helping leaders communicate and create impact so that their messages, ideas, and innovations are seen, heard, and understood.

Kirsten is passionate about how we learn, remember, and engage. She has a heightened awareness of her sight and senses. Her perspective is innovative and creative and often helps people feel more confident in who they are and what they do.

Kirsten helps business owners, marketing teams, and entreprenuers lead so they are remembered and trusted.
Do you have an idea you want to achieve? Do you have a business you want to lead? Or do you have an experience you want to create?
If yes, schedule a meeting with Kirsten by calling her directly 503-314-6701. You can meet with her on the phone, zoom live, or in person.

Background: Kirsten learned how to laugh at herself from an early age and decided to pursue her love for communication and the arts. She started a greeting card company and sold her card’s a Portland’s Saturday Market. Then, she began her creative agency and business strategy consulting firm at 21 years of age. By the time she was 31, her company had won Telly Awards, IPPY Awards, and was ranked in the top 15 agencies in the Northwest by Media Inc.

If that wasn’t enough, her clients were having incredible success. From working with Kirsten, Liepold Farms was integrating her ideas about marketing organic farmers and forming partnerships with local restaurants, cities for farmer’s Markets, and grocery stores. Plus, the Harvest Festival that was meant to educate consumers even more was becoming another revenue stream! Montavilla Sewing Centers was continuing to grow and enjoying innovative marketing ideas to bring customers into the stores even though people were shopping more and more online. S-lem EVs were helping initiate the need for electric vehicles on the streets. And Brooklyn Hardware was redesigning lighter product designs and product packaging that could beautifully display their products not just for their clients, but for their clients’ customers as well.

Kirsten’s father was a wonderful community-focused business owner who gave scholarships to students wanting to go into medicine. She learned from his impact and worked with local high schools and community colleges as a mentor to students.

After having children of her own, Kirsten saw a need to develop an educational program about whole health. She got sponsors from the dental and health care industries and took her ideas into schools reaching thousands of youth and training teachers about how to integrate Healthy and Fun Choices into their classrooms. She designed 10 multi-sensory style activity workbooks and sold and distributed over 50,000 books to families. In addition, Providence Health and the Portland Timbers hired her to build programs for them that are still going on today!

In 2017 and 2018, Kirsten was in two horrible car accidents. Then as she was starting to get back to work and ski race coaching, a skier hit her and she broke her leg and shattered her shin. A month after surgery, it was discovered she had a staph infection. Kirsten ended up in the hospital for three weeks, having six surgeries, and almost died. It took her four months of bed rest and nine months to walk again on her own. She is still recovering from her accidents and Traumatic Brain Injury.

Most importantly, she has relearned skills that she taught her clients for so many years about persevering and to keep on communicating. She realized that she still has the ability to lead people and businesses through using creative vision and her frameworks of stepping down complex problems into achievable steps!

Kirsten’s enthusiasm for life and business success is contagious. Thanks to her speech coach and doctors she has learned how to laugh at her speech impediments and mistakes. Just moving forward on this adventure called life has been the best medicine she can give herself, and all business owners.

Note from Kirsten: It is through conversations and working together that you will begin to understand how you, too, can persevere against all odds. If you can’t attend my online workshops on Mondays at 11am, you could hire me to talk at your business or event, or purchase the books that have helped many create more time, overcome our negative self-talk, and live life to the fullest!

Life is a series of stumbling blocks and you just have to understand how they can lift you up!

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