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How to Start Conversations Beyond the Farm and Create Experiences On the Farm in Order to Sustain


People and Teachers on How to Use Healthy & Fun Choices Concepts to Create Positive Change

Why Fun is Intregral to Employee Training and Retention

Demonstrating How to Use Colors, Design, Videos and Audio to Engage ALL Learners

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Lead with Healthy & Fun Choices 

Sometimes it is the small things—the words and actions—that hold us back from learning and choosing what we can do next. And other times it is knowing how to integrate hands-on learning, listen to cues, design and implement color, or simply have conversations that sustain connections.

Working with students, consumers, businesses, educators, and organizations, I have designed ways to help us learn and make positive choices. My work includes sharing the teaching tools, systems and classroom management styles. You can hear me share online or bring me into your space and I can help your teachers and trainers even more.

Whether you are a farm that saw a change in how people bought your berries or you are a school that want to increase the number of students that graduate, Kirsten Klug can help!

Or if you are an individual that wants to create a life you love, Kirsten has a book for that too! Here you will discover how you can get through pains, disappointments, frustrations, and even injuries or disabilities with a whole new understanding of how to move forward on your journey of life. That way, you will have more time to do what your love and be who you love! 


Kirsten Klug

Join the relaunch of Brilliant! with Kirsten Klug 
coming out October 15th, 2022. This podcast looks at life from a designer’s viewpoint to see how we can choose words and actions to help us step into who we are really meant to be. What if you already have everything you need? What if you already have enough time and money to do what you want? What if you already have the words and ideas to live the life you love? 


Four ways to bring more of Kirsten’s energy and expertise to you…

Join the Podcast

Listen while you do the dishes or drive to your next meeting. With a podcast like this one you are sure to find something that inspires you!

Read or Listen to Books

Kirsten’s books are encouraging and have ideas you can implement:
• Living with Healthy & Fun Choices
• More Time to…
• Creating Positive Change
• Enough Said! 

Hire Kirsten to Speak 

Want to create a memorable, uplifting conference or event? Kirsten leads a fun and engaged experience like none other! 

Hire Kirsten to Design & Implement

Looking to retain employees? Want to create new ways your customers know about you? Concerned about what now after the Pandemic? Kirsten can help you reduce stress and anxiety, while also creating systems, campaigns and training that works.


Interview with IDEO on How Play Is Important to What We Learn

Interview with Michelle Leo of IDEO about why it’s brilliant to explore, test and play to innovate.

Dr. Temple Grandin on Innovative Leaders

How to get your innovative ideas out to create positive change and tell people how to do it.

Applied Learning Webinar

A Webinar with Dr. Dan Findley and Kirsten about Applied Learning and Why It is Important

Michael Allen Harrison about Music & Brain Health

Listen to Michael Allen Harrison and get your kids participating in Music!

Inclusion Learning Webinar

A Webinar with Mario Eiland and Kirsten Klug on why we need to include all learners in school and our workplaces.

Learn about Empathy with Elisa Hays and Kirsten Klug

These two were brought together by both experiencing tragic accidents that changed how they teach and live.


“Kirsten is very passionate about the work that she does. She puts her heart in to every design she makes because she cares deeply about improving the health of children in our nation. Kristen works hard to give her clients what they want. She uses her background as owner of the business “Healthy Fun Choices” to collaborate on ideas for her clients. She offers a range of graphics to fit your design needs and will even cre- ate new ones to fit your project. She truly lives out her business’ mission and even volunteered at community events I was leading with her family. I would describe Kirsten is invested and dedicated.”

Tara Arnold, RN Providence Health

“After experiencing the 40 minute workshop last spring, I invited Kirsten back to my class this fall. She provided a 30 minute workshop every Friday for six weeks. It has been nice to have new tools and ideas, and for my students to interact with healthy concepts every day.”

Mrs. Neal, third grade teacher

“Kirsten is real and authentic. She has created this program from scratch and is going out putting in the work, sharing her ideas, forming workshops and training opportunities for everyone. It’s not just a program that helps one student, Kirsten can help your trainers, teachers, employees, and staff all lead with Healthy & Fun Choices so they can teach others and together we all make a world of a difference!” 

Dr. Dan Findley, Educator

A Few CLIENTS and PROJECTS (In business since 1994)

Providence Health
The Living Well book was created for Cancer Patients with a generous donation by Women of Columbia Edgewater Golf Club. Using Healthy & Fun Choices concepts,  Kirsten facilitated the project with all the top doctors in order to integrate in mindset, relaxation, sleep, etc into the prescription for whole health. This was created in 2014 and millions of books have been distributed to patients.

Business School
During the pandemic, Kirsten created educational classes to help business owners shift online to teach and educate in new ways since the economy changed with Covid-19 sending most businesses into a remote work environment. Kirsten helped businesses create summits and develop educational campaigns/websites that helped their customers find them. Kirsten also developed innovative affiliate programs and designed online programs to help sustain businesses like ReVibe Chairs, BrainTap, and many authors so their customers were now affiliates and could help market them and create a bigger online community of trust. The business school had students from the US, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe and Canada. After 150 business workshops online, Kirsten was ready to go out and engage in schools and workplaces in late 2021 so she started substitute teaching in a local school district.

Kirsten’s Healthy & Fun Choices’ classes and workshops online
After being the Director of a big summer camp program at a Montessori School, Kirsten jumped in to create a series of workshops and camps online for youth. The classes had kids engaged and creating projects beyond the screens. The schools were held on zoom and met weekly or a couple times a week depending on the projects and learning focus. The school for youth primarily reached students in Oregon and Washington.

Liepold Farms
When the farm came saying not as many customers were coming to the farm stand to buy berries, we knew something had to change. We started by creating a new logo and marketing brochure so that there was a consistent brand. Then we communicated an educational concept on how to spread the word about Liepold berries and organic farming to their suppliers, other retailers, grocery stores and restaurants. The concepts were understood so clearly that soon Burgerville was featuring Liepold Farms in the marketing campaigns, as was New Seasons and other restaurants. The “farm to plate” concept was even shared on Portlandia.

We also had ideas on how to start farmer’s markets in small towns and local nurseries where their berries could be sold in season! This started many local farmer’s markets that are still going on today over twenty years later!

In addition, Kirsten advised Liepold Farms on how to create a Harvest Festival on their farm to educate consumers through an experience. Even though they didn’t grow pumpkins, we saw it as an opportunity to get to know other farmers and see how they can expand awareness of their farm and help to sustain the farming industry in Oregon. It worked so well that now the Harvest Festival has now been going on for 22 years and it sustains the farm and many others!

Providence Health
The Living Well book was created for Cancer Patients with a generous donation by Women of Columbia Edgewater Golf Club. Using Healthy & Fun Choices concepts,  Kirsten facilitated the project with all the top doctors in order to integrate in mindset, relaxation, sleep, etc into the prescription for whole health. This was created in 2014 and millions of books have been distributed to patients.

Build A Better You
Book design and editing that was completed for Dr. Richard Brouse, a well-known Chiropractor, marketed the book to other chiropractors and health practitioners looking to know how to use tinctures, minerals, and vitamins to heal ailments, pains and injuries. This has become known as the “Chiropractors Bible for Shakley”

City of Lake Oswego
The city was looking for a new brand and signage that could help people know when they were in the city. We created signage that has stood the test of time and did brand the City of Lake Oswego. This is a good example of how colors, style, and feeling can be more sustainable than others.

S-LEM Electric Vehicles
Even though S-Lem was too early and ran into too many issues with their vehicles in 1998, we developed an educational campaign to help the auto industry and auto consumers understand the advantages of having electric vehicles on the streets of the United States. Kent Hermsmeyer put the campaign into action by taking his S-Lem’s and his passion to many auto shows and talking to many people.

Brooklyn Hardware
Over fifteen years of working together we helped them expand their market share oversees, while also staying innovative in their product design, educational materials, and promotional campaigns. We helped them expand into other industries beyond construction and also helped their clients succeed through recession with innovative educational marketing campaigns. When their product became heavy to ship, we invested in a 3D printer and figured out how to make it lighter. One of the favorite projects was when we developed a sample box that also served as a product display.

Healthy & Fun Choices Magazine
The Magazine and website was started in 2018 after Kirsten had gone into many schools and businesses to teach about how we can all come together to create positive change. Unfortunately bad accidents and the Covid-19 pandemic derailed this wonderful concept until more funding is available or a sponsor would like to make it more accessible. Two publications were produced and it is such a wonderfully designed material.

Famous Clients: BB King, Shaq, “the Rock” Dwayne Johnson, Legoland, Michael Allen Harrison, BrainTap, HP, Mercedes Rose.

Additional Clients and Contacts:  Snowman Foundation, many many doctors, dentists, lawyers, restaurants, retailers, and manufacturers.

Kirsten Klug | Brilliant!




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