Kristen Krug

Creative Growth Strategist 


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The quote “To predict the future, one must create it.” is how Kirsten Klug lives her life, both professionally and personally.

Kirsten navigates challenges with a positive, proactive mindset that leads to opportunities. Her mission is to create impact so that messages, ideas, and innovations are seen, heard, and understood. 

Kirsten’s passion is helping leaders stand out, while being healthy and having fun in how we live and work.

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 With an intelligent way of looking at challenges, combined with perseverance and a positive energy, Kirsten helps you find the words and actions to be outstanding!

Regardless of what is holding you or your business back from success, she will help you take the steps toward your vision.

Don’t have a vision? It’s okay, start a conversation anyway as it leads to deeper connections and opportunities! 



Awards & Acolades:


10 years in top 15 Graphic Design Firms, Media Inc. 

Silver Telly Award (for TV commercial)

IPPY Winner (for Build A Better You book design)

4th in National Advertising Competition

1st Place – National Hospitals Marketing Awards


Virtue First Certification

Healthy & Fun Choices Certification

Small Business Marketing & Management

“An innovative, outstanding leader who has pioneered industries and given business owners the ability to achieve huge feats. She has been a big ray of sunshine to work with.” 

Educating through Design, Offers, Conversations, and Branding

Brooklyn Hardware Product Packaging | Robinson Wine Label Design | S-lem Electric Vehicles

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