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Employee Retention

Keynotes & Workshops
with Kirsten Klug

Kirsten makes it easier for you and your employees to succeed by focusing on the company’s or your bigdreams and attending to the small details.Kirsten will have everyone up, having fun, whilesolving problems during a customized memorable experience. That way, positive actions start today.

If you want people that…

• Solve problems easier and with more confidence

• Feel better about their work and wellness

• Use time wisely when innovating and connecting

… then… Kirsten’s work with you can’t wait!

brilliant fun

How can
Kirsten help

Your employees love their work
and are happy about who they
are and how they use their time.

Your company can provide
rewards and fun incentives that
you can dream of.

Your company is more known for its ideas, products, services, employees, and customer connections.


It is truly a pleasure of mine
to recommend Kirsten! What
you will find out about her is
that she is an incredible “out
of the box” thinker, who
listen’s deeply to others,
and has exceptional work ethics. Understanding that
“communication” is a fairly
ambiguous term, you will
find that she exceptional at
the art of communication.
She asks excellent
questions, then knows what
to do with the answers.

Pat Burke,
Executive Coach

Read these reviews

There are so many reasons
to enjoy working with
Kirsten. Not only is she
creative and professional,
she is also a positive ray of
sunshine! I leave every
session with her full of
energy and super-human
Mercedes Rose,
Kirsten is very dedicated
and always strives to give
her clients the very best
product in whatever form
that takes. Kirsten
collaborates and shares
ideas honestly and always
with that spark of dedication
and pride that comes from a
person who really wants to
see her clients succeed!
Kevin Cooke,
Media Professional


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Independent Actuaries

A little about
Kirsten Klug

Kirsten launched her first business at the age of 18. Three years later, while in college, she began a top-ranking graphic design and communications firm.

Her clients gained International attention with their inspiring inventions, outstanding sales campaigns, and pioneering customer connections that lead industries through change.

If that wasn’t enough, Kirsten also developed an educational program that builds character in an inclusive, healthy environment. Her work inspires people to be more aware of how they spend their time and live their life.

And, it saved her life too!

Call Kirsten 503-314-6701 to talk about your ideas and budget so you can use her for your next event.


Listen to this

Kirsten new video or combo of her spekaing and workshops


Kirsten [@}


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