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From Wounds to Wisdom

Advocating for conversations and connection even when you don’t have the right words to say.


30 years experience on how we read, listen, learn, remember and make choices

creative communicator

Personalized and strategic approach

Excellent representation

Knowledgeable and experienced team

Problems solved Ideas initiated

We all have problems, but what do you do when how you want to sell or import a product isn’t working? Or what if what you are saying isn’t making sense? Kirsten has helped clients educate consumers on why electric vehicles can be on the streets all the way to helping a client reduce the weight of their product so customers will order more and save on shipping. Kirsten listens and figures out ways that work…

Case Studies

S-Lem Electric Vehicles

Why educating was more important

Liepold Farms

How their harvest festival fuels the farm

Panelclip® System

When a slight redesign improves sales

Montavilla Sewing Centers

Mistakes that made millions over ten years

Independent Actuaries

A marketing booklet that started growth

Healthy & Fun Choices

A concept that helps patients live better

Innovative as Day ONE

This was my first logo and brochure design for my dads orthodontic practice that was done in 1995. I worked with him for twenty years helping him grow his practice and get known in the community. He helped so many
kids feel better about themselves in addition to going beyond giving them a beautiful smile.

We went on to work with over 70 dental practices doing logo designs, brochures, stationery, direct marketing, and website designs.

In addition, I developed workshops to help dentists and their staff communicate better in their office and beyond

Custom Designed Playing Cards featuring Partners

We encourage our clients to create memorable gifts so that they don’t just get thrown away. In this case, after designing casino party invitations, we thought what about custom playing cards?

We brought in costumes and each partner got to be a Jack, Queen or King. We even had a funny attorney as the Joker. Then, we created the box, the back sides, and together these cards got a lot of attention! They used them for many years.

“What a fun and morable way to say thanks!”

Illustrations and Photographs that Stand Out

Kirsten illustrates primarily with water color and pen/ink, but also has done many logos and line drawings. Additionally, if you don’t like her style we have contacts and can achieve any style you would like

Educational Campaign that Changed The World

When Kent Hermsmeyer was trying to import S-Lem vehicles into the US he ran into some issues. The US didn’t want his small vehicle that was man or electric powered to be on the streets. They said it was because of the unique seat belts, then the driving control, and then the reliability.

Kirsten realized we needed to educate consumers with a simple one-sheet hot sheet and messaging. Kent saw a need to take it into the auto industry. He made a name for himself at numerous auto shows and drag strips with his S-lem and these brochures.

That was 1997/8 and the rest is history.

Printed & Digital Communication Pieces

A lot of marketing brochures, folders, invitations, and packaging design. All designs simplified messages and encouraged people to connect and make the choice to work with, hire, or take action on what was important.

Art Galleries | Law Firms Event Companies | Dentists Food | Specialty Retail Product Manufacturers

People do pick their wine by the LABEL

Packaging design was my emphasis in college along with the art of print making, so naturally designing for an expensive wine vineyard was a real treat!

We got to go all out with the foiling, embossing, selecting a deep punt, and even choosing a gold foiled cap cover


Below is a holiday card with coasters illustrated by artist Todd Griffith — what a fun way to say Happy Holidays!

Sample box that became a display box

When I heard a client complaining as they
opened their mail with a note from a client that they need more samples because they
had lost theirs, I asked a question “could we create you a box to display the samples so they won’t lose them?” Michael said okay.

When we came back with this box with slits to display their products and an idea for a brochure to feature product details, Brooklyn Hardware got excited.

Once their clients received it they got excited, too. And we realized the power of a display box

Building Community at Its Best

One of my ideas was to start a Harvest Festival as a
way to educate and build community. Now 20 years
later it is still going strong with millions of families
coming out to Liepold Farms!

More than just a brochure... it became a product to open conversations, connections and more

Liepold Farms, a third generation farm, came to us in 2000 wanting a new logo design hoping it would attract more people to their fruit stand.

But upon further questions, we discovered that the buying patterns of people had changed with the internet and Walmart.

So we created a plan to educate consumers about Farm to Plate and the advantage of organic berries. The owners came up with ideas on how to connect more with local
restaurants like Burgerville and had success.

Incredible Results for Specialty Retailer

Working with Montavilla Sewing Centers we were challenged with a very sales driven business owner who wanted to see results on every project, ad, radio commercial, and newsletter we created.

We worked so hard with the 3rd-generation business owner for 15 years of incredible change and growth. I was able to integrate in inspirational campaigns to empower women and crafts people to honor their creativity. Learned a lot about sales pricing, marketing and retail. After helping Montavilla Sewing Centers grow their business and community, I went on to talk at National Sewing Conventions and work with other sewing retailers throughout the US. It was really rewarding to help people be able to express their creativity through sewing, quilting and crafts.

Looking back, I can now see how powerful this experience was in shaping our legacy of work.

Incredible Results for Specialty Retailer

In the ID Graphics and Bamboo River agency was a play lab to discover how do people make decisions and what do they ultimately choose? Realizing how powerful our thoughts, words and actions can be, I developed an educational program and became a teacher/speaker/eductor for whole health. I wanted to help people understand that being healthy is more than food/exercise… it is a mindset and an ability to advocate and take action on what makes you have joy!

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