Increased Sales SuperPowers

Increased Sales SuperPowers

Beyond the Farm


– Case Description

When Liepold Farms asked for a new logo design, they never realized they would be handing out brochures and marketing materials to educate local retailers and grocery stores why buying local and organic was important. Upon talking further with the 3rd generation owners and family friends, Kirsten realized a need for an educational campaign because retailers were just competing on price.

We began by brainstorming a variety of ways to better educate consumers and retailers why buying local and organic berries is important to our health and wellness. Once we had redesigned the logo, we created a brochure, and marketing campaign to be delivered by hand and with personal conversations to build deeper connections.

What the grocery stores and retailers realized after engaging with Liepold’s owners and reading the brochure was the value of organic and local farmers. And, that they needed to educate their consumers with these marketing campaigns, too. Many of the retailers like New Seasons, Burgerville, and restaurants include promotions about Liepold Farms in their store marketing and menus.

The marketing led to talking with cities about having farmer’s markets in their towns. Within a few months, Liepold Farms added a delivery truck to restaurants, retailers, and Farmer’s Markets.

In addition, Kirsten suggested adding a harvest festival to get people out the farm to learn more. The harvest festival started small in 2002 and now is one of the largest in the state of Oregon with millions of people and schools coming to the farm every year! And now, Burgerville even comes out toe Liepold’s Harvest Festival with their food truck!

Liepold Farms has thrived beyond its third generation and helped to pioneer organic farming.


In summary, what we learned is that even the most simple ideas like needing a new logo, may actually be an indication of incredible opportunity and change. And that incredible change takes communication—asking the hard questions and implementing the ideas from our brainstorm sessions. 

It is with incredible pursuit and action that Liepold Farms achieved incredible results! It is one of my biggest joys every autumn to take my family and friends to the Harvest Festival to connect with their family on the farm, and to just sit on the tractor and see how our vision went beyond what we ever thought was possible! Here’s a link:



Discover the challenge: Less customers to the farm


Brainstorm: Discuss ideas to advance connections and education


Choose: New communication methods, retail partnerships, and delivery solutions


Create: Educational materials and communication systems


Analyze: Review results and build sustainability

Final Result

Ongoing success not just for the farm, also for all their partnersand the community!

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