Building Communities

Building Communities

Healthy & Fun Choices teaching us to 
ReThink how we live and work


– Case Description

“I wish I had known that earlier in my life!”

When I hear this conversation in my head, I know it is a sign to take action. Throughout my life, I had many experiences and ideas when I was told no I couldn’t do that or I was crazy for thinking that way. Being held down on a mental level led to negative self-talk and a feeling of failure even when on the outside everyone thought I was happy and talented.

When I had children of my own I was finally able to see from their curious and creative points of view. It was exactly what I needed to see how I could create educational programs and products that would help myself, as well as many others.

Having all the creative marketing practice on hand, I developed a program to teach adults and children how they can use healthy and fun choices. Healthy being redefined as whole health, not just fitness and food, but also to include creativity and positive mindset awareness. And that integrating fun, multi-sensory experiences allows us to remember important information and build perseverance and creativity through challenges and change. 

My vision was to create a community where people of all ages can learn, while also having activity workbooks and workshops to further conversations.

The hands-on workshop for youth includes an interactive experience with fun an funny games that go through a series of self discoveries, while working with a team to accomplish set goals. We did evidence-based research and have proven results indicating positive outcomes! 

Ten years has included:
• Partnerships with five school districts in Oregon
• 50,000 activity workbooks distributed
• 4,500 youth experienced the educational workshops 
• Providence Health Living Well cancer book

Looking back over the many years of doing creative growth strategy and graphic design work, you will see elements of self-confidence, health, wellness, sustainability woven throughout. 

In 2017 and 2018 Kirsten was involved in three accidents that left her with disabilities and a traumatic brain injury. She had to stop working for three years and now since January started back in business with the vision to reach more people and build community through online educational programs, a Healthy & Fun Choices magazine, and Innovative Leaders summit and workshops. That way, business leaders can also learn the skills and techniques on how to build their business with more confidence, while helping those they serve make healthy and fun choices that lead to sustainable outcomes. 

Click here to become a member of Healthy & Fun Choices as a business owner or individual/family.


 In Summary, building the Healthy & Fun Choices community has been an incredible experience. It has taught me to not give up on myself and see my differences as what makes me shine. In addition, I have been honored to see transformations and “aha’s” from youth and adults! 

My favorite stories include a boy who never thought to drink water first. He went on to inspire his family to stop purchasing soda and after just one month they had saved up enough money to go on their first trip to the ocean! Another story is that of seeing my children grow up through seeing the work I do and the ideas I share. My daughter and son are creative, independent, and exceptional leaders even with double vision, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalcia. So many teachers could have held them back if it weren’t for our communications and perseverance to get through! 

I welcome all and look forward to connecting with you!! There is an opportunity for everyone to be involved with this incredible program that is creating positive change in how we work and live.



Ask the Questions


Discover your differences as Positives


Build programs and they will come


Enjoy the experiences and challenges


Persevere with creative vision to create positive change

Final Result

Wow! WE have come so far and also feel like we are just beginning!

Join the Movement!