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Increase cash flow with creative marketing


– Case Description

Discover new ways to sell products
Since the Pandemic a Chiropractor who sold his products at trade shows and in-person appointments experienced a complete stop in business.

With businesses being closed, conventions canceled, and conferences put on hold his ideal sales process suddenly stopped dead in its tracks. 

Dr. Dewees turned to Kirsten to develop creative ways that he could connect with three key customer groups and develop innovative communication techniques and systems. 

Our conclusion: It is exciting to see how our work is coming together and it will help Dr. Dewees to be rest assured that he now has more than one way to sale is product. 



You hear the saying don’t have all eggs in one basket. If that basket is dropped, you have no eggs to sell. The less we worry, the more positive energy we can put forward into our success and in what is important to us.  More info will be shared here soon.



Discovery: Confused messaging and customers


Create: Simplify the message to Increase Results


Deliver: Take action on what is important - simply communicate


Train: Teach owners, managers, and workers so message is clear on all levels


Build: Engagement and enrollment for continued success

Final Result

Continued success and growth for all involved!

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