• Montavilla Sewing Centers TV Commercial that won an International Telly Award &
creating the sewing movement to inspire women to be creative and artistic
• S-Lem Electric Vehicles who helped start the EV industry in the US
• Gerding/Edlen who started urban development in Portland with the Brewery Blocks
and the Pearl District
• Build A Better You book design & editing – IPPY International Winning Award
• Women of Columbia Sponsored the Living Well – Whole health book for cancer
patients at Providence Health
• Robinson Construction who built Costco’s and many beautiful schools in Oregon
• Oregon History Museum where we designed a variety of exhibits over five years
• Willamette Valley Hospital Pregnancy Notebook & Training manuals
• Healthy & Fun Choices website and activity workbooks and workshops reaching
over 50,000 youth and thousands of families
• Over 75 Dental Practices doing logos, branding, websites, marketing, brochures

Innovative Specifics:

Marketing for Business Development Strategies
Initially they came to us for a logo design and upon talking they shared with us that they just weren’t getting as many customers out to the farm as they had in the past. Now moving into their third generation, they wanted to make sure the farm would be sustainable. We came up with some ideas on how they could market to restaurants and grocery stores, not just to sell berries to them but to also encourage their partners to market and educate about the advantages of buying Liepold Farms berries. They formed a partnership with Burgerville and for many years Burgerville has been promoting their local farms. In addition, we advised them about starting a harvest festival on their farm where they could educate customers that come out to their pumpkin patch. At first they thought it was a crazy idea as they didn’t grow pumpkins. The idea of educating people about their farm was intriguing, so the family came up with fun ideas and themes and now the harvest festival in October is a huge part of their business!

Product Development & Packaging that Increased Sales
Over thirteen years of working with Brooklyn Hardware we got to experience a lot of change, challenges, and unique opportunities. Many of the projects that we did with Brooklyn Hardware would begin as something small and then as they shared more details and challenges, we would ask enough questions that led projects into incredible discoveries. When we were asked to design a new brochure for how they sent sample products to clients, we discovered the cumbersomeness and how their clients kept losing products. We designed a new box where the products became a display case that their clients could set out and promote the products even more. Another fun project we worked on was when they shared with us that it was frustrating sometimes when their clients would spend more on shipping than on the product cost. I asked “could you redesign the clip so that it weighs less?” That spurred a discussion, brainstorming, and re-engineering of the product. Soon they came out with a lighter weight clip and their sales doubled! We designed a variety of websites for them over the years. When the economy crashed, business was tough. So for an incentive for their clients, we offered custom video shoots of how their clients were using the products and that allowed their clients to share the videos and show their clients how innovative they were using the Panelclip® system. This innovative marketing also helped grow their clients businesses too.

Creating a Sewing & Education Community
When we first started working with Montavilla Sewing Centers in 1996 they were just going to have us update an ad design in the Oregonian. What I noticed was how much emphasis there was on product pricing and the machines. I said what we really need to do for your business is not just promoted product sales, rather design a community where women can come in and learn in a safe environment. So I suggested we design a newsletter to list classes, events, and clubs, in addition to educating sewers on techniques and the new machines coming out. The newsletter went on to become a 36-page magazine before going digital in a very comprehensive website that built the community to where it is today. In addition to marketing programs, we did the advertising and marketing budgeting, media planning and placement, and produced radio and TV ads. Many of our designs won awards. The biggest award of all was in seeing how the spending on advertising was decreasing as the results kept going up and up and up. In thirteen years of working together, the business grew 800% and added three new locations!