Creating positive change


You’ve come to the right place to get inspired and build your community.

Kirsten brings 25 years as a business owner, marketing director, and creative strategist in building collaborative communities.

This is where you get to have fun in business and feel more confident in your ability to learn, engage, and connect, and inspire others. 

Our Programs


Healthy & Fun Choices: This platform educates and connects people to products/services that help them live a healthy, fun life. In addition, we educate, offer fun retreats, and hold online courses that integrate all members to share and connect.

Innovative Leaders: An ongoing summit and workshop series for clients and businesses participating in Healthy & Fun Choices – our purpose is to inspires perseverance through challenges using creativity. 



Words of wisdom

Do you have a great idea or product? It’s not just being in business that will lead to your success… it takes courage to communicate in such a way that people are interested, engaged, and want what you have. When you can connect with your ideal clients and customers, business gets exciting because you can tailor your next ideas and products/programs even more and pick how to spend your time. Kirsten helps you make healthy and fun choices in your business and life. 

How do you know what communications and marketing is right for your business, product, program, or service? With Kirsten’s 25 years of experience helping a variety of high-performing clients, she can help figure out what is right for you and get you involved in her programs/courses so you excel!

We are unique in that we provide coaching and collaborative platforms, while also providing creative services customized for you.

  • communication campaigns – 90%
  • summits & websites – 77%
  • social media advanced customer connections – 85%