What I love about speaking is that I get to paint a picture that is real and attainable. I enjoy engaging my audience through stories and share tools that can lead to their successes. They learn how to embrace change, fears and challenges in order to throw paint on their picture of life, too!

My speaking experience spans a variety of industries, topics, people, and settings:
• meetings for professional business owners
• brainstorm meetings for marketing and communication specialists
• fun, productive workshops for for dentists and doctors
• emcee’ed events and programs
• assemblies and classroom workshops for children
• training workshops
• association meeting keynote speaker
• team building series of workshops

Currently I am looking for speaking contracts that want to be inspired to go beyond our limiting beliefs. This could be for a corporation, a business owner association, or a keynote for an inventive product manufacturer.

To schedule a consultation, please call/text me at 503-314-6701. Thanks!