Kirsten has been through some very rough times in business and life. It is through all these experiences that she has the ability to help you succeed better than you would by yourself. Together we get to paint a picture that is real and attainable. As a consultant, Kirsten comes along side your ship or kayak, so you can continue more smoothly up the raging rivers of the unknown. Kirsten brings you thirty years as a business owner, program director, educator, creative artist, and writer. By working with Kirsten, you learn how to embrace change, fears, and challenges and keep going through them.

Free Discovery Session
Let’s get on the phone or live zoom to talk and discover how we can work together to take your business or your ideas in the direction of your dreams.

Consulting Session
If you are ready to begin, let’s talk for 1.5 hours and dive right in to fix your challenges. This will give you specific actions to take and move you in the right direction.

If you have any additional questions, please call Kirsten directly at
503-314-6701 or fill out the contact form. Thanks!