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More than just a website design or a landing page, Kirsten Klug and her team make it easier for you to succeed. Using our methodologies, your customers and clients understand why they should choose your products or services. 

Our Services

We make it easier for you — we design, write, create, and connect your campaigns.


You stand out when your brand best represents you and is consistent through all platforms. We also believe in getting attention by being unique – ask us what this means!


We create using the latest site optimization, SEO, and strategies that allow your site to stand out, communicate effectively, and be found by your potential customers and/or clients.


We put strategy behind everything we do. We ask a lot of questions so that our development is not just for one piece, yet allows all pieces to work well together.

Summit Designs
Social Media

Now is the perfect time to stand out online! We can create the perfect product for you to be noticed and also get the results needed for your success. 
• Inspire positive change
• Increase connections
• Be seen, heard, and understood
• Get clients/customers
• Build sustainable practices

 Customers/clients can take action on what is important

We build websites and online marketing programs that allow customers/clients to trust. How we design and write ensures that doing business with you is safe. Imagine what is possible when your website can provide:
• Email address collection integration
• Online workshop registration system
• Programs or courses portal
• Social Media integration or blog 


Your Website Works Everywhere.

We design so that it looks good and is easy to follow and read…
on your iPhone, Android, Laptop, iPad, or computer.

Our Process & Workflow.


Our team sets up a plan and work schedule to keep your project on time and done right.

Project Research

We can offer research and analytics throughout.


Your site works well on all platforms and media.


Creative designs using color, imagery, and typography.


A team approach from start to finish.

Let’s Work Together

We would love to work with you!
The easiest way to start is to call us or fill out the form and get on our calendar…