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Join host, Kirsten Klug, for the Innovative Leaders Summit:

Perseverance through challenges with creative vision.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand how to effectively communicate for all learning styles
  • Communicate so you can be seen, heard, and understood
  • Learn the keys that innovative leaders use for their mindset and actions
  • Become more confident in what it is you are doing in life and in business
  • Increase your impact, income, and how you create positive change
Innovative leaders include 21 featured guests and these 4 bonus speakers:

  • Scientist/Physician, Dr. Steve Mansoor
  • Animal Behavior Specialist, Dr. Temple Grandin
  • World Cup Athlete, Jackie Wiles
  • And, Motivational Speaker, Jake French

I am so inspired by the interviews and hope you will be too!

I’m looking forward to our conversations and how they will continue beyond the Innovative Leaders summit. – Host, Kirsten

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